twitter VC financing at a glance
I must say that I was a bit suprised by it - apparently it's about the traction not about the biz model, kinda like delicious' theme investment.

Now, Fred is a smart guy and has seen lots of things but delicious was solving a problem. I can't seem to understand what problem "microblogging" is solving as of yet, especially given that there is a fair number of substitute products. The upside, which I bet was one of the triggers of the investment, is that there's a fairly large ecosystem built around twitter, and Ev's also the kind of guy who can gather a significant community around his product. At least he did it with Blogger.

So I guess the next level challenge is growing that ecosystem and make it attractive for a strategic investor. Quite difficult but not impossible. The chemistry seems right.


  1. Twitter
    I think the problem understanding what problem microblogging is solving... is that you've constrained your belief that twitter is nothing more (or less) than a microblogging service.
  2. yes but
    Even if you consider it a communication tool it's a rather nice to have not a must have. Besides, it's still adopted and used by enthusiasts or early adopters techies, crossing the chasm onto the mainstream is critical.