Cisco versus Apple
Looks like the last detail was important after all, so Cisco did sue. Here's the formal complain, and here's Cisco's clarification: we're not after money we're after open communication with trademark infringement in hindsight.

Basically Cisco got no sign from Apple since just before Apple's iPhone announcement. My take is that the issues will be solved amicably as they are all big boys. However, I am not really sure that Apple's way of doing business in such a matter is an example of best practices. Also, for what is worth, Apple apparently owns already the iPhone trademark in Canada, UK and Australia.


  1. Silly
    "We think this is silly," said Apple spokesman Steve Dowling of the tiff over trademarks. "There are already several companies using the name iPhone for voice over IP products." Read .
  2. iPhone trademark
    i think Apple tried to protect themselves from the rumours that were about to spread if they were beginning their talks with Cisco sooner. the name iPhone means nothing really, in the end, in can be ApplePhone, or u Phone, or anything else. Now the product has been announced, they are ready for discussions.
  3. neah
    it's all about marketing - wickedly smart! :)
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